Do we have a collection bin provided to us?

In order to allow for a reasonable subscription fee, we will not provide the collection bins. You can use any container that fits in your home to collect, but all you need to do is transfer the recyclables into a blue trash bag, then set out on the curb for pick-up day.  Businesses may request a 96 gal collection bin, for a one-time extra fee for the purchase. 

What size bin will we need?

It depends on how much you plan to recycle. The typical beginning bin size can be 14-18 gallons. As you learn how to be a better recycler, you can make adjustments accordingly. When collecting larger quantities of like-items for recycling, it may prove beneficial to have smaller bins in your home or garage. Then as those pre-sorted bins fill up, either use blue trash bags or those clearly marked for recycling to set out for pickup.

Why is this a biweekly pickup instead of weekly?

For now, all new registrations will begin as a bi-weekly pick-up service. While we expect most businesses to transition into a weekly service, it is our first assumption that most residences will only require once every two weeks to manage the materials coming through their homes.  This will be an area to improve upon as we observe the need.

What are the differences between the residential and business service?

Many cities are beginning to provide a service to pick-up and transport their residential recycling items. This is a fantastic effort for the environment, and we are looking to provide that need as well to the smaller communities that are not being provided for as yet. However, we also see the need that many small businesses are not participating in the recycling effort. We hope to fill that need as well! 

The primary differences for business service will be that they can choose to purchase the 96 gal bin for a one-time fee, and they will have the option to move into a weekly pick-up service for no additional fee if their collection efforts prove fruitful.  

Let's encourage all families and businesses to become  4R-4Earth Participants!

What items will you collect?

In the bin, you can collect the following items:

What items can I have arranged to be picked up?

Some items will not be accepted in the primary recycling locations, so we can pre-arrange to transport the following items:

Note: Additional charges may apply.

What is 4R-4Earth?

You heard it here first! 

On March 18, 2023 we have coined the phrase 4R-4Earth to promote the participation in the Reduce-Reuse-Recycle-Repurpose effort to help protect our planet for future generations!  Share it all over the place!